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Dec 02


Finally found a large block of time to do some development on this site. I’ve introduced post commenting. (I will be more likely to reply directly to e-mails sent to me than via the commenting system, though.) Let me know if there are any bugs.

I’ve also updated the stats page.

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1.  Jubei

This is the worst f*#king website I’ve ever seen. Who the f*#k writes such trash? Who in the world gives a flying f&#k?

2.  Stu

Thanks Kev for the inaugural comment – very classy!

3.  ajh


4.  Napalm

diggin it

5.  Fuzzy

I can never resist opening those “you may already have won!” type letters.

That of course has nothing to do with anything.

6.  little D

I’ve decided to change my comments nick to little D rather than Fuzzi (short for Fuzzi_Sparkler) so it doenst’ get confused w/ Fuzzy from Fuzzy Logic ! K Stu.. so u know who’s me :)

7.  little D

testing out ur email thing for u :)

8.  Jubei

I reckon this comments feature won’t last too long. It’s already become verbal diarrhea and a mini “I Love Inferno” shrine. (bang! bang!)

9.  teldak

A scroll bar on the window would *really* make it easier to post comments when you have this many on an entry

10.  Sleeper

My comments feel sidelined.

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