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Dec 02


Just put in a couple fixes in response to the comments – it’s now scrollable (can’t believe I forgot to do that), and URLs starting with http:// will be automatically linked, don’t use HTML to do it.

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1.  Jubei

Fuck to you, pay!

2.  Jubei

Fuck to you, pay!

3.  Jubei

Pablo House…Family House

4.  Fuzzy



5.  Stu

Uh guys… get back to work :)

6.  Niccolo Freud

Damn…censored again. u know what effect this has on my self esteem?

7.  Sleeper


8.  teldak

Fuzzy: it’s Testic<b>les</b>.

That scrolls bar sure is nice. You selling this stuff yet?

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