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Apr 02


Well April is underway and so too is the recruiting silly season. Strat consulting firms are the first to recruit, and I finally sent in all those forms in the last few weeks. That is, M/B/B, Booz, and a couple boutiques. Naturally, you can’t expect a position in those firms unless you are in the freak category, so the other industries I’m applying for include IT Consultancies, namely the consulting arms of the Big 5, IT departments of i-banking firms (they pay well, apparently), and IT firms. PwC Consulting is holding an information night for BITs tonight. It will be interesting to see how they pitch themselves. Their intake for consulting this year is around 25, which is only slightly less than the probable total intake across all the strat consulting firms I applied to. Next week we have a BIT recruitment night, where our course sponsors and us get together for an evening to sell ourselves to each other.

The first company to kick off interviewing is McK on the 10th. No one I know has heard anything from any of the firms as yet. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

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