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Dec 01

Is your son a computer hacker? {src: usr/bin/girl}
The article is funny. But even funnier and more disturbing are the comments of 100 enraged nerds (see below the article) whose grasp of English is so poor that they are not able distinguish between what is clearly satire and reality. I mean it’s obviously written by someone who knows about computer culture, and has taken every opportunity to send it up, but in a semi-formal level of language. Anyway, here’s one example response to the article:

You are the most ignorant FUCK i have ever heard of. If you knew ANYTHING about computers you wouldn’t even try to say this shit. Comet Cursor for hacking? LMFAO!! LOL!!! Jesus Man you are such an ignorant fuck its not even funny. I couldn’t stop laughing for like ten minutes my god. You are the stupidest person on Earth.

He sorta shoots himself in the foot with that last sentence. Those people are very sad individuals…

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