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Jul 01

Work at EDS

This week I started work in the eSolutions division of EDS. The group I’m in uses ASPs extensively to do their sites (mainly the Commonwealth Bank site). I’ve previously learnt PHP and Cold Fusion but not really ASPs, so I guess having to work with it will give me experience in the last of the trio of major server scripting languages. I don’t like VBScript much, though – it’s not as structured or clear as Java-style syntax and code. Too bad that most companies choose to use VBScript to deploy their ASPs. Apart from scripting, I’ve been told I’ll finally get the chance to learn XML/XSL (something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time) and also to bring myself back up to scratch on DHTML. EDS has also standardised the use of XHTML for some of the Commbank site. So, even though I can see that some (most?) of the work I’ll be doing won’t be the most interesting of tasks, at least it’ll all be a learning experience. Web development like this, however, is probably not a job I would like to go into when I graduate. But who knows, maybe my opinion will change within the upcoming months?

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