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Jul 01


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Saw Alegria (run by the French Canuckian Circus of the Sun) today. Cirque du Soleil was in Sydney a few years ago with Saltimbanco, and although I missed that, it looked quite ornate, surreal, dark and not like “traditional circus”. Alegria is a Spanish word for “jubilation”, so although not “dark”, it wasn’t traditional circus either. Very flamboyant, much work was put into costuming, choreography and a rich and wonderful soundtrack. It was a little surreal in the costuming department, with garb and wigs that look like they were taken from the 18th century and further embellished. On the other hand, there was perhaps less emphasis on the acts. The opening gymnastics act was quite ordinary, as was the strongman. The trampolining looked good, as did the fire guy. The contortonist gave me a back ache watching her :) The hoop girl was pretty amazing too. Unfortunately, each of those acts were divided by clowns prancing around. I’ve never been a big fan of clowns, and although the snowstorm effect was well done, I’m still clueless why they started blasting bits of white paper at us. Alegria is recommended for the experience, but not highly.

Sara-Marie voted off Big Brother. Thank you, I have been waiting for that for ages.

Evolution: Looks like a crack up in the trailers, but the movie isn’t really. Lots of quirky jokes that pull smiles and chuckles, but no big belly laughs. It didn’t work for me. Wasn’t a waste of money, but I don’t recommend it.

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