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Oct 00

Closing Ceremony

Great night, last night. We were originally going to catch the ceremony on the live screens at Circular Quay, but we left it too late and by early evening we already heard that it was all packed out, so after standing around for a little bit wondering where to go, we decided we should head for The Domain. As full as that was, we shoved our way into the centre anyhow and saw the ceremony there. The fireworks started going off around 10.30, snaking its way down from Homebush to the harbour. You can’t see the Harbour Bridge from the domain, and for a while all we could see was the sky lighting up with flashes from the fireworks, with the fireworks themselves hidden just over the treeline. A few seconds later, they sent the F-111 overhead which pretty much was like a loud fiery comet. Awesome sight… then the fireworks started in a position we could see. They were over and the Domain live concert kicked off with some Latin band and the whole area turned into one big mosh pit.

On heading home, George St had turned into a river of people heading for Central. The Quay and Town Hall stations were apparently chockas. When we reached Central, it wasn’t much better – one hour minimum wait to get on a train, which would already be full from its journey around the city circle. Eventually, we got into the station and onto a train. And that brings the Olympics to an end. The last 2-3 weeks in Sydney have been absolutely awesome. Rarely will you ever be able to scream out on the streets, “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!” at random and have a crowd of people yell after you, “Oi! Oi! Oi!” I’ll have photos of stuff up this week.

Battler’s Prince, sold (of course, he still made it into the closing ceremony :).

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