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It’s the Chinese New Year today. It’s strange, I’ve lived in Australia for all my life, born and bred, so this celebration has next to no significance for me. Nonetheless I enjoy the occasions – the dinners and of course, Red Packets. It’s an asian tradition. In lieu of presents, you get “red packets”. Small red envelopes filled with cash. You give them out only if you’re married, and only to the generations below you. I’m not married, and a generation below me doesn’t exist yet. So I sit there and receive, and that’s why I make money off New Year.

This year is the year of the Dragon. Not only that, it’s a “golden dragon” year, which comes around every 60 years (something to do with lunar alignment… I think there are “13” months this year or something). The dragon is an auspcious sign, and to be born under a golden dragon year is especially so. But wait, there’s more. It’s the new millennium in western culture, so that’s another plus. Those Chinese are going to be screwing around like crazy this year. I guess they had to to have 1.2 billion people in one country in the first place. 

Mum just blew the phone bill making a tonne of new years international calls back to Singapore (special deals from the telcos). Then she traded ICQ numbers with a friend there and I had to teach her the basics of ICQ. Do you know how scary it is to have mum chatting on ICQ? I tried her to get her to use the digital camera last night and she basically freaked out… I had to spend a couple minutes convincing her it was used exactly like a normal camera. :)

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