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Feb 00

The House On Haunted Hill

Man, this movie is Fucked Up. The people that come up with this stuff are seriously twisted. House on Haunted Hill is basically The Haunting done correctly. It’s a shock movie, and shocking it is, especially when the theatre is shaking from the bass in time with your heart pounding. First movie I’ve seen with a scapel graphically slicing through a chest of a restrained, fully conscious person. That’s the opening scene. Probably the “best done” shock-horror movie I’ve seen, given the gratuitous nature of all of them. This movie is just as (if not more so), weird and graphic as Event Horizon. Anyway, if you’ve seen Stile’s site you should be fairly desensitised to it all. It’s “only” rated MA (I’d hate to see what warrants an R).

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