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Feb 00

Star Trek DS9: Doctor Bashir, I Presume (Ep 5.16)

TREK’S BACK!!! WOOHOO! And we kick off another round of weekly reviews… I can just hear you groaning in joy. Tough. :) Oh, and cheers to Noddy for reminding me just in time!

This episode covered issues unerringly similar to the ones in the cyborg article, above. Genetical engineering and the morals behind it, and of course the underlying premise about a parent’s concern for their child. Genetical engineering is indeed scary, simply because the benefits of it can’t be given to everyone. In a world where the gap between rich and poor is already cause for concern, a new “genuinely” superior race could cause a helluva lot of problems. Same could be said about cybernetics, too.

Plenty of humourous moments in this ep with the dart scene capping it off! And what can I say about Zimmerman at the end? Burrrrrrned! That would’ve hurt… just as much as mixing the Kama Sutra with Klingon sex would I’d imagine (don’t worry, you would have had to have seen the episode to understand). Cool episode.

Classic Line (when heard in context): “It’s just a minimum security penal colony in New Zealand”

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