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Feb 00

Some More Strangeness

“The “Buddy Jesus” is tops.  Catholicism WOW!” –Phil

I got bored today at work, so I happened to flick over to sung’s webcam. He was performing what can only be described as an acrobatics demonstration with a piece of paper reading “wired-abuse” in his mouth (aka a strip tease). I shot off a mail to list-en and got a reply from a shocked Sung, followed by an sms reading, “i know you liked it inferno, DONT DENY IT!” Sung stopped somersaulting around the room and I got him to replace “wired-abuse” with “Aussie! Oi!” but something got lost in the translation from “Australian” into “American” and a sign materialised behind him reading “Aussie!!!!! O!!!” Aussie-O? What is that, a breakfast cereal? Oh well, can’t ask for too much :) Cheers to Sung for amusing me for a while today hehe. 

Sung looks stoned. Just look at his eyes. :)

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