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Feb 00


Wow, some people look like they may be more bored than me :)

David (in 4 parts)
“In my com eng tech class today I had to mess around with and get a 486DX4 machine with Windows 3.1 up and running.  ((shudder))”
“And what’s worse, it was only a 486DX4 because of a freaking overdrive processor, probably like a 286 running underneath that POS.”
“And, I think I screwed up my first message.  It is supposed to be comp eng tech, standing for Computer Engineering Technology.”
“And . . . just kidding, I really dont have anything more to say right now.  Hmm, actually I just did say something else.”

Sung sang: “Win2K is out today.  Thats my poetically inclined form of greetings.”
Inconsiderate Bastard, is. “Skip the rest of work and update the page!”

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