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Feb 00


Jonny says, “hi”
Chibi Knt relates an anecdote, “I hosted an Australian for my school once. Now he calls everyone so often to burn me infront of his friends. I got him back. BWUAH”
*snigger* US weather isn’t very good, as Dennis lets me know, “110 farenheight, eh?  I just washed my truck and the water froze on it.  :)”
Theseus, dot stalker extraordinaire, testified under grand jury, “I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT DOT.” 
Randal sends a test sms. Yes Randal, you, half a world away, did make my phone did beep four times.
Silverweed, who last time sent instructions on how to get a million dollars requests, “put up screenshots o whistler, you getting dis?” Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any on the net :/
Sodomist Mofo repeats numerous times: “ANAL SEX [etc.]”
Jonathan is trying to rewrite the e/n constitution, which as we all know doesn’t exist, because a constitution implies law and order. The e/n community, however, is virtually an anarchy. “We the people, of the United Sites of E/N, declare that everyone is entitled to a dot.”
Justin wishes me “a nice day”. Thank you for the only mundane, plesaant message I received from America. Too bad that phrase is a product of American consumerism and more often than not is said through habit than anything else. Not so on the web though – takes effort to fill out a form on the net (*looks at guestbook’s 4 new entries and wonders, don’t a few hundred people visit this page daily?*).

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