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Feb 00

Shipping and E-Commerce

One of the major factors I consider when order over the net is shipping/delivery charges. Especially if it’s internationally. Shipping can dramatically change the price of goods which would be otherwise much cheaper than purchased in a physical store. Combine this with the consumer caution (or paranoia, in some cases) about giving out credit card numbers, and there’s one thing that I hate about certain e-stores: That’s when they make you give your credit card number to them before they let you know how much your order costs, including shipping. This is a surefire way to turn people like me off a purchase. Sites like Outpost may have free shipping domestically, but to Australia – how much is it? I don’t want to have to put in my payment details before I know how much I am paying. I am aware that my credit card won’t be charged until I’m actually shown the shipping fee, but still it makes it more consumer friendly and psychologically comforting to put the exact total costs before payment details. In my opinion, this is a mistake made in many online stores.

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