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Feb 00

Riddle Solution

Thanks to all those who sent in correct answers to Thursday’s riddle (Loopy got in first) – you all have it right (mostly, anyhow)! Highlight below to see the answer:

Please note that the diagram displayed was an example. Thus, the correct answer is C, or D, depending on the exact configuration of hats.

Case 1: If B & C have hats of the same colour, D must have a hat of the opposite color to B & C. Hence, D calls out.

Case 2: If B & C have hats of alternating colours, D keeps his mouth shut since his hat could be either colour. However, after one minute, C realises D hasn’t said anything. Hence, B & C must have hats of alternating colours. C must have the opposite coloured hat to B, which he then calls out.

The above assumes that D is not retarded and suicidal.

No, A does not have x-ray vision, B is not a clairvoyant, and the executioner does not kick the bucket before the 10 minutes is up.

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