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Apr 98

Trivial Trivia

Did you know “mirabilis” is Latin for “wonderful”. I’m sure it’s somewhere on their site, but no one goes there except when they want to download the software, do they? If people visited their site, they’d stop sending that damn chain mail!!! Translation courtesy of Shish, Latin scholar – if you want Latin translated, mail him – I’d refer you to AltaVista’s brill translation service, but they don’t have a Latin<–>English service :). While he was over, we translated a bit from the Monty Python Parrot Skit from English to 5 other languages and back (that’s English to French, back to English, then to Spanish, Portuguese, German, and that other lanuage (can’t remember) and back to English after each translation). I’ll post the original and the mangled translation at a later time…

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