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Apr 98

Lost in Space

Saw the movie today. Pretty good “family type” movie that certainly had me entertained for a couple of hours. I don’t know anything about the old 60s tv series, but this movie brought the “Robinson Family” up-to-date, and made it look like they were really living in the future. Great special effects – especially at the beginning. Problem is the speaker system wasn’t working properly at the screen we saw LIS at… it was surround sound for a while, then it conked out for some reason… This movie plays with time, and any movie that plays with time (à la Star Trek: Generations) is going to have many plot holes, and it also makes it confusing. And there wasn’t any time to unravel along the way… you had to hope someone would give us an explanation of what was going on. And the themes and morals are there as well. Morals? I mean the exploration of, not the upholding of…

[Will Robinson pops his head over the ridge of ahill, with Dr Smith following behind]
: Oh shit.
Dr Smith: Boys [or was it kids??] of your intellect should never swear… oh shit.

Swearing is common. A 10 year old kid swearing on the big screen is not common… but funny :). 3.5 to 4.

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