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Apr 98


On holidays now, or at least I have been since Wednesday. Went to Yum Cha for lunch today in the city. Although the restaurant holds 800 people, we still had to wait two bloody hours to get in… what a waste of time. It was raining when we went down, but on the way back it was absolutely pissing down with rain. Lotsa mini-floods around the city too. It was funny, there was a section of the road where the water was flooding onto the footpath, and there are all these shopkeepers nervously staring at the water lapping at their welcome mats :). Also there was where two out of three lanes were basically flooded to a depth of 20-30cm, so cars were converging from three lanes into one lane and driving up onto the divider in the middle of the road to try and keep out of the deep water. Then this guy in a 4-wheel drive just plows through the water without hopping on the curb and he’s got this big smile on his face. Can’t blame him though – a 4-wheel drive would’ve been useful in those conditions.

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