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Apr 98

Hard Disk

Two days ago, my cousin lost the equivalent of 10 times the amount of data that could be used to restart an entire civilisation. How much is that? 6.4 Gigabytes (the comparison is based on the conjecture that the Encyclopedia Britannica, which is 600+ megs on a CD, could be used to restart a civilisation… although in CD form it wouldn’t be helpful :). Yep, an entire 6.4Gb hard disk, gone without warning. It’s a Quantum Fireball ST 6.4 Ultra-ATA, and it had been making weird noises and creating bad sectors… not a good sign. Then, when he ran a Norton Speeddisk on it, the computer crashed, and when he rebooted, it dumped him to DOS. A few hours later he was up and running on his secondary 3 Gb hard disk, looking through the 6.4 one – the directory strucutre was for the most intact, but the files were gone. Incidentally, I have the same hard disk model, and it’s been making weird noises too… And I’ve heard problems with others who have Fireball STs… Not good.

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