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Apr 98

Can you believe some of the freaks in the world?

From the Sydney Morning Herald of 10th April…

Greater Union challenged the Hoyts record for seeing Titanic — 103 times by David Gerada, of Merrylands, as of Tuesday. At the 30-screen Greater Union in Adelaide, a woman customer, who doesn’t want to be named, has seen it 112 times as of Wednesday, and has the stubs to prove it. She wants to see it 150 times. Fancy hearing My Heart Will Go On 150 times! Titanic shows eight times daily at the cinemas.

What idiots. Why??? 112 times = $1120 on seeing one damn movie. I haven’t seen it myself — I just don’t agree how they’re making a love story out of a friggin disaster where 1,200 people died. $1 billion plus in profit. If I do go and see it it’ll be for the special fx and the nudy scene ;). Which reminds me of a speech at the Oratory which came second. My friend Phil came up with a 6 minute speech totally bagging out Titanic. What a cack. Bloody funny. ICQ him at 825530 and I’m sure he’ll be glad to talk about it!

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