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Feb 98

Web Site & CGI & Zip

I decided I’m gonna upload this page in a few days, and I updated the zip homepage to notify people of the new site being designed. Woohoo! I just got CGI access! Now I can write my own scripts.

Zip is a legendary ISP. If you live in Sydney or any of the surrounding areas (they’ve even got hubs in Camden/Campbelltown, where I am), go for Zip! OzEmail charges $300 for CGI last time I checked, Acay didn’t support user CGI, Cybernet needed me to mail in my scripts because of “security reasons” (hmmm…). I’ve gone through 3 ISPs and then I found Zip (this is beginning to sound like an ad). I looked up the help page about CGIs, it aksed me to mail support. Two mails to support (the first one sent an auto-answer mail, telling me to resend if I wanted a human), and I had access. 3 1/2 days, pretty good.

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