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Feb 98

School Stuff

Firstly, they I was on the way to school yesterday, and there was this traffic jam on the highway. It seems that a small green car(?) had crashed (it didn’t look like a car anymore :), and the back was totally compacted up against the front seats. People were slowing down to take a look :) which resulted in a 15-20 minute delay in reaching school.
Secondly, the prospect of “hiring” the school computer room for a landay is a little brighter, a friend, “Loki” (well that’s his Quake nick) had loaded Quake 2 on some computers (with the teacher’s consent). Very good indeed. Now I just have to borrow a copy from a friend (as well as GTA, WC:Prophecy, etc.)…
Thirdly, I decided a few days ago that I’m gonna redesign my school web site‘s drab front page. So who made the “drab” frontpage? Me. Don’t laugh. It loads under 10 seconds, which is good :) But that’ll change ;)

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