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Feb 98

Nagano Olympics – Men’s Figure Skating

Thrilling. Never been entertained more by anything else in the Winter Olympics. One of the best events I’ve seen. Especially the final group. The organisers must’ve rigged the order for maximum tension :) Ilia Kulik led off with a great skate to the tune of Rhapsody In Blue. The next few were good, and then Phillipe Candeloro (spelling?) did what I think was the most creative and exciting routines that night (a musketeer act). And finally came Elvis Stojko skating to The Ghost and The Darkness’ Soundtrack. The King :). Unfortunately his jumps were shaky, and he missed the Quad jump :(. He came away with a Silver, Kulik with Gold, and Candeloro with Bronze which he thoroughly deserved. However, the astounding thing was that Stojko had groin injuries, and he skated with them, aggravating them. The injuries were so bad that he had to be lifted out of the stadium, and when he received his medal, he could not skate in like the others, but instead had to limp in … in sneakers (looking not at all like a champion skater). The amazing thing was, that during the routine, Stojko did nothing to indicate he was under pain. Nothing, not even a grimace. Only when he finished, he grimaced and limped off. In addition to this, he had contracted the flu earlier. What a legend.

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