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Feb 98

General News (Real News :)

• Umm… okay the first day of the ten day Constitutional Convention was held. I’m for a republic, just in case you were wondering…
• I’m a fan of most things regarding sci-fi. So what did I read in the SMH SIT (Stay in Touch) section today? Sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke has admitted to being a pedophile. Dirty ol’ bugger. He’s pretty casual about it too (not on the run like one Mr Bell), but does that make it better or worse? Either way, he’ll be knighted soon. Heh. Sir Elton the Gay (not that there’s anything wrong with it you say. I think there is but that’s personal and I don’t hold it against him (okay, maybe I do). But I still like his music). And now its Sir Clarke the Pederast (there is something wrong with this). What a joke. Republic I say! Dump the Monarch :). I still like ACC’s writing though – it’s legendary. Go read the Rama series (I’ll find an amazon.com link for it later).

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