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Feb 98

Been ridiculously busy but anyway…

We bought a new car yesterday! It’s a Lexus, and it’s come at a good time. If you don’t know the story behind where I live and where school is, listen up. I live about 50km from school (which equates to a 50 minute to 1 hour 20 minute drive, one-way, depending on traffic conditions). Everyday I get driven (yeah yeah lucky bastard aren’t I? Don’t think I haven’t been told that a milllion times :). Anyway, this is the tenth and final year of Mum’s driving marathon. Our last car (the one we just traded in) was a Mazda 626, and in just under 5 years (4 years and 10 months), it has done … guess how many kms … No not 100,000. Nope, not 150,000. Not even 200,000. 250,000? Getting close. 260,000 kilometres. You’d think the car would be pretty much shot with that mileage, but it’s still in relatively excellent condition (it has started every time, except once when someone didn’t shut the door and ran the battery down overnight). We had a Honda Civic before that and it managed to make it to 300,000 kilometres (305,000 if I remember correctly) in about the same amount of time. I’ve got a photo of the Mazda’s odo just after it hit 200,000. So yes, in about 9 years, mum and I have travelled well over 1 million kilometres between us in two cars (how many times is that around the world?).

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