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Nov 10

Can a driving simulator champion do the real thing?

Greger Hutu is a master of iRacing – a physically realistic driving simulator with physically accurate cars on physically accurate tracks. How would Greger perform then, if he was placed into a real race car and sent around a track which he has been around virtually hundreds of times before… but never for real? Top Gear Magazine reports:

On a normal Thursday, Greger Huttu sits in the blue glow of a computer screen, in his bedroom in the teeny town of Vaasa on the west coast of Finland. In the afternoons, he joins his fisherman father to land a catch of perch netted from Arctic waters. But not today. Instead, he’s wedged into the cockpit of a single-seater race car, in the boiling heat of Road Atlanta raceway, Georgia. He’s never driven anything like this before – his regular drive is an old Ford Sierra – yet an empty track awaits him, a full race team is at his service and he has full permission to drive as fast as he pleases.

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