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May 07

Pier Tasting Room

The Pier Tasting Room is a section at the front of Pier Restaurant featuring a long plastic table looking across Rose Bay. Unless you’re overlooking the busy part of Sydney harbour (ie, Circular Quay), water views during the night generally are murky and dark.

The Tasting Room menu comprises a set of various tasting dishes ranging from $10-30. Most are smaller than a typical entree course, so the idea is to order several different courses (the average order is apparently is 3-5 dishes). You order a couple at a time – a lot of the dishes (mainly seafood) are raw or close to raw, so they take little time to be prepared and served. The desserts are excellent too (and you get to order more than one because of the serving sizes). Unfortunately the cost adds up quite quickly, so it’s best if you’re in the mood for a nice meal but you’re not particularly hungry. The service is pretty good, and they were happy to offer recommendations which were well selected.

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