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Nov 06

Mid-season predictions

There be spoilers ahead for the current season of The Amazing Race and Survivor. It’s pretty much the middle of the season, so time for some predictions.

Amazing Race 10
The destinations on this race have been great. The season started with the teams heading, for the first time ever, westwards around the world and have spent all of their time in Asia and Africa. The teams were also the most diverse they’ve ever been at the start of the race, but that diversity went out pretty quickly unfortunately. Here’s my thoughts on the remaining five teams.

I think Dustin and Kandace have been the strongest all-girl team to feature on the Race so far. I their personalities pretty darn annoying, but they’re definitely a very capable pair – this combined with luck and good looks do go a long way on the Race. Final three finish at the very least, unless something very unlucky happens to them. Prediction: 2nd.

Tyler and James are a sound team – two fit, capable, nice guys. They have a big problem with navigation and cars though which could be their undoing. Prediction: 3rd.

Rob and Kimberly have temper problems, but it never seems to wound either of them emotionally like it did Peter and Sarah. They’re competitive and might take it all the way. Of course, they have finished 3rd in the last four legs. Prediction: 1st.

Erwin and Godwin. What can I say? I truly admire their integrity (especially in helping Team Kentucky get the first fast foward on the Race) but I think they’ve ultimately too naive and lack the competitive spirit to see them through to the final three. They are also inordinately unlucky and at times somewhat bumbling. Maybe, freed from the constraints of the Sixpack Alliance, they might get the urge to actually treat the race like a race. I’d like to see them place well, but from what we’ve seen so far I don’t think they’ve got the minerals. Prediction: 4th.

Lyn and Karlyn. They’re a weak team and have only finished better than 5th place once. Next team to be eliminated.

I was sorry to see Team Kentucky go (David and Mary) this week. You’d mistake them for hicks at the start of the Race, but they really are very open-minded, good people who just haven’t had the opportunity to see the rest of the world.

Survivor Cook Islands
The merge is on everyone’s mind, and tribes have to time eliminations carefully now. Some point soon, they’re going to want to start voting out stronger players as opposed to weaker players. Yul is the obvious pick to go all the way. He’s got the immunity idol, has flown under the radar (never been talked negatively about, as a threat or otherwise, let alone had a vote against him), has a strong alliance with Becky who was targetted for elimination several episodes ago but has laid low since and is extremely intelligent. Ozzy’s strong and if he can make it through to the merge and get a few allies will be in with a good chance – but I think he’s too high profile and thus too visible as a threat. I find Nate likeable, but I wonder if he’ll rub people the wrong way later on? Parvati and Jenny are two girls that have flown under the radar quite well, they will do well I think. For some reason Jonathan evokes distrust – I can kind of see why, just the way he approaches and talks to people during scheming sessions, which is unfortunate. Candice is a wildcard at the moment – when push comes to shove and there’s a merge, I wonder if she’ll stick by the Yul-Becky-Jonathan alliance. Brad’s as good as gone next week, from what I can tell from the preview (although you never know!) With 12 people left, it’s still largely up for grabs.

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1.  Justin

Not sure if you are aware of it, but The Amazing Race, Asia Edition is starting tonight…should be interesting to see if its as good.

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