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Jul 06

Blogathon 2006

The event
I’m going to participate in the Blogathon this year. It’s a charity fund-raising event where bloggers stay up for a 24 hour period and post once every 30 minutes. The event will start at 6.00am, US Pacific Standard Time on the 29th of July. That’s 11.00pm on the Saturday in Sydney. The timezone’s a pretty awkward, so I’ve recruited a guest blogger (a first for this website) who will fill in during the witching hours so I can get some rest (yes, it’s allowed under the rules). Incidentally, this is also the first time I’ve used this website to request money (and it’s not even for myself!).

The charity
The organisation I will be donating to is World Vision Australia. I was trying to decide between World Vision and donating to a cancer research organisation, but I decided that for the amounts I’m likely to raise, the few dollars will go a lot further in the developing and third world than it will for research or palliative care in the first world. World Vision is well known for their 40 hour famine fundraiser and sponsor-a-child program. The Australian branch administers over a quarter million such sponsorships. In addition to that, they are active in organising appeals and relief projects for both natural and human-made disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, civilians living in conflict zones) as well as longer term developmental projects (such as helping communities to become self-reliant) throughout Asia and Africa. Importantly, only 7.1% of World Vision Australia’s revenue in 2005 was used in administrative overheads – a creditable amount which provides comfort that most of the money is getting to where it should be going.

Sponsor me
So, please click below to sponsor me! You don’t pay now, you just make a pledge – I have to complete the 24 hours first. (Mark donations in AUD.)


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