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May 06

Buon Ricordo

It’s Mothers’ Day today. I took mum out to dinner last night at Buon Ricordo, an Italian restaurant in Paddington. I just have to say that parking around the area is damn near impossible to find (at least on a Saturday night).

Buon Ricordo is a well regarded 2-hatted Italian restaurant run for almost 20 years by Armando Percuoco, a character who at one stage in the night came upstairs and announced, “Making food is like making love to a woman! You have to take it nice and slow… but unlike women, you’re always guaranteed a result with food!” We ate a la carte, although they do have a degustation menu which doesn’t appear on their printed menu so I assume you have to ask waitstaff for it. It’s safe to say that it’s among the best Italian restaurants in Sydney, out of the hundreds there are. Their signature dish is the fettuccine al tartufovo, which comes topped with a fried egg which has been infused with truffle (vaguely similar to how Chinese pei daan are prepared, but without any discolouration) and parmesan which is freshly grated for you at the table. They also toss the pasta for you and when the egg yolk is broken, the truffle aroma immediately bursts into the air. Yum.

The interior decor is warm and pleasingly well lit. Buon Ricordo seats a decent amount of people on two levels, but it’s not a noisy restaurant. Service is efficient and courteous. Apart from the issue with getting there and finding parking, if you’re in the mood to splurge a bit for great Italian cooking, I’d recommend this place. Expect to spend about $100pp for a three course a la carte meal, not including drinks.

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1.  Wade M

As always, your reviews make me hungry!

Have you been to Mezzaluna before at all? http://www.mezzaluna.com.au/ I wouldn’t be suprised if it got a hat next year (I found it from the good food guide, but not in the hats).

Good to see you’re still around.



2.  Stu

Mezzaluna in Potts Point eh? Will have to try that, thanks for the recommendation!

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