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Nov 04

The Amazing Race

I absolutely love The Amazing Race (Ch 7, 8.30pm, Thursday), it’s such an awesome show. We’re up to Season 5, Episode 4 this week in Australia… the season has concluded in the US already. I couldn’t resist and downloaded the 4 and 5. I have the rest of the season coming in now.

Of Charla and Mirna, I’m finding the larger cousin pretty annoying. She’s useless! The midget (I figure it’s okay to call her that because she exploits other people’s perceptions of her size to her advantage) is impressive.

At this point in the season it seems it’s most useful to have these skills: knowing how to book the right flights, a sense of direction, physical strength and being able to eat anything.

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1.  Pete

Yea you know what, this show has grown on me. I was against pretty much all reality TV and especially this one because it took Blackadder off the air a few years back.

But I like it. The format is simple and effective, but there should be more info on the contestants other than the captions stating “Internet Dating Couple” or “Models/Dating” (whom I hate! They claim God will protect them and lead them to victory, isnt God on everyone’s side!?? Stupid fundamentalists)

I’m surprised the military dad with the hot daughter didn’t make it through…And the midget, Hmm I find her annoying…she claims how she’s just the same as anyone else and how nobody should treat her differently, and then she constantly brags how ppl will feel sorry for her because she’s small, and how she’s going to use it to her advantage!

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