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May 04

Black Out

This is an interesting concept for a restaurant. Could get messy though. Not to mention that dinner conversation would be a little weird.

Don’t waste your little black dress on this venue. At Australia’s first restaurant/bar in total darkness, you aren’t going to light anyone’s fire.

Black Out opens today, Friday the 13th, in St Kilda Road, and the A-list guests shouldn’t worry about any hideous zits rivalling Mount Etna. But deodorant is recommended because when you lose one sense, others are heightened.

That is the aim of Black Out. It sounds like a gimmick but there is an underlying altruistic intention. Without sight, the remaining senses are rewired to savour the smell and taste of food, and focus on conversation and sensation. Bibs are worn to catch errant mouthfuls while the uber-cool Buddha Bar music plays.

Link to article. No blind date puns please. Thanks Grace.

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