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Dec 03

Uni Results

Just got my uni results. Only 1 HD, and 3 Ds this session, yet my average is higher than first session! Now I can truly relax :)

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1.  Tuggles

CongratS! Enjoy urself overseas mate… well earned holiday!


2.  Little D

brain:) only 1 HD. not good enough Stoh. :Þ

3.  Shish


4.  Dude from BIT

Stu, what happened there!?! U gotta keep up the effort mate! hehe… j/k. congrats!

5.  Casey

Congratulations on the marks!

6.  Shrapnel

Weird. I never knew Australia had a four level academic system.

In British Columbia, we go by percentages.

Congrats Stu!

7.  Fuzzy

Congrats Stu, top effort man.

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