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Dec 03

Mobile Phone Transmission

LOTR Return of the King: Mindblowingly awesome. No expletive-enhanced superlatives can describe it. Absolutely a must watch.

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1.  Shrapnel

More exciting than rock, paper, scissors? ; )


2.  Mattman

Do you think they will make a movie based on “The Hobbit”?

3.  Shish

Stoh, here’s where you need followup links. :)


4.  teldak

Mattman: Jackson has hinted at wanting to make the movie.

And I wholeheartedly agree with Stu. It’s better than pie, for crissakes, and with my seemingly obsessive piemaking, that’s saying a lot.

5.  Mattman

I saw the movie last night.. my arse was sore after 3 1/2 hours.. the ending went on the ages!!!!!

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