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Jun 03


Been playing snooker on a semi-regular basis over the last two or three months. There’ve been times when Dave and I (and maybe one or two friends) will just take off on impulse down to Coogee at midnight for a few games. Dave’s more experienced than me and he schooled me badly for the first 15 games or so, although in our last four games I’ve got a 2-2 record, so I must be improving a little bit. Our pool game, consequently, has improved markedly, simply because a snooker table is so much larger than a pool table. Psychologically, the short pool shots are easier to make. The bad thing about Coogee is that it’s a fair distance away, so we’ve had to settle for a few games of pool down at Churchill’s when we couldn’t be bothered travelling. But the crappy thing about Churchill’s (as with all pubs) is the smoke smell that impregnates your clothes. We’ve had to can snooker for a while though, Dave has an astounding eight exams to do this semester.

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1.  Napalm

Psychologically, and practically :)

1 degree off a 3 metre shot is far greater than 1 degree off a 30cm shot.

2.  RudeManPistolJoy


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