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Jun 03

Incursions onto Royal Property

Well we know that some two-bit comedian gatecrashed the Prince’s 21st, but a more interesting story is when Michael Fagan busted twice into Buckingham Palace in 1982, once into the Queen’s bedroom where he chatted with her for a few minutes before the Queen managed to raise the alarm. He was taken into custody by police. However, trespass was not a criminal offence in 1982. Since it would be unbecoming for the Queen to stand in a civil trial, Fagan was let off by the DPP for his unauthorised entry. He was also found not guilty of theft by a jury after he consumed half a bottle of royal wine in the Palace. Very amusing. In 1984, trespass became a criminal offence. Read more: 1 (anecdotal account), 2 (newspaper articles from 82), 3 (BBC snippet).

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