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Jun 03


The sky is leaden, it is drizzling outside and the mid-winter gloom projects only a murky light into the apartment room. The twilight will soon descend swiftly, dissolving the outlines of the buildings outside with an ethereal hue. Inside, a single incandescent bulb drapes the room in a sallow glow. A heater purrs in the corner, a warden against the chill pervading through the glass veranda door. Music plays softly in the background, and a solitary figure, rugged up, sits at a computer. The music stops momentarily as one song ends. The silence is punctuated by fingers pecking on a keyboard. He looks at the pile of paper on the desk and pauses. Another wave of drowsiness sweeps over him. The bed nearby beckons, its plump blanket a visual siren call. He casts a wistful gaze out the window. The view is already becoming indistinct and it keeps him strangely mesmerised. He lets his eyes defocus and for the moment he is lost in a detached reverie. Another song starts up and his room snaps back into focus. He sighs, turns back to the computer, and resumes typing.

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1.  Rodent

Nicely written but narcisstic and pretentious.

2.  Stu

Don’t you ever get in the mood to write something that isn’t parsimonious or academic? I’m sorry that you feel that any passage with a lot of flowery adjectives is “narciss[is]tic and pretentious” you philistine :)

3.  Rodent

Stuart “Debussy, Monet” Loh,

Very French impressionist. I can hear Clare de lune in the background.

But you could easily have said, “It’s raining outside. I’m bored (and drained) from studying law.”


4.  Stu

And extending that line of reasoning somewhat, the world would be a lot better if pompous folks like Da Vinci just stuck to drawing stick figures!

Write to match the occasion. BTW I’m not the one who put something about an elderly peasant sipping Coke atop the windswept Kailash plateau or whatever it was in a *thesis* :)

5.  Rodent

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I have no time for such a pedantic debate. I have achieved my original purpose, which was simply to irritate and provoke via an obnoxious, ignorant post.

6.  saundo

Stu, you should know that the “Rodent” views the use of too many adjectives as weakness. Language is a utilitarian tool to be used like a sledge hammer rather than a musical instrument…


Me good English speak. He use lots big word. Funny.

8.  teldak

I’m guessing one of the ideas for making it so long was that it would take longer, AKA procrastinating, the unspoken law. :P Nice writing, Stu.

9.  Rodent

There are so many sycophants on this website!

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