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Jun 03

Bush achieves the “virtually impossible”

Bush Jr falls off a Segway. This Wired article says that the device “is virtually impossible to fall off”.

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1.  teldak

Who thinks the President is sucidal? I mean, he nearly died eating pretzels, fell off the nearly-impossible-to-fall-off and keeps making war and all and he’ll kill himself right quick.

2.  Russ

Ok, so the guy fell off, is this news? Who really gives a shit about this?

3.  anthonyjhicks

Russ, because GWB is like a god to America, and from a cultural perspective it’s fascinating to see that a) America’s god rides a segway, b) America’s god is significantly unco and c) Segways can be actually be stacked! That’s news in my mind.

4.  Russ

A god? I think you’re a little out of touch with the American people. He’s our president, and it’s true he’s popular as far as polls are concerned, but a god? That’s just a tad hyperbolic.

5.  anthonyjhicks

Maybe I should have said Royalty rather than god. I wish I had my own 747 and several hundred guys in black suits and dark windowed cars following me around everywhere I went ready to take a bullet for me ;)

6.  Pete

I think it sums up Bush, America, the Media, the whole damn world circa 2003.

The most powerful man in the world at a most eventful time of his controversial presidency manages to fall of one of the most exciting and pioneering inventions of our time.

7.  Pete

You couldn’t make that stuff up.

8.  teldak

I am sort of disappointed, though, Bush hasn’t done anything as astronomically humor-causing as Clinton has.

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