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Jun 03

Beazley slaughtered by Crean

58 votes to 34. It’s amazing because a few months ago, Labor was in turmoil (it still is), suffering from a lack of vision and insipid leadership. Beazley was looking appealing again because of his drive and passion. Ultimately though, what seems to have happened in the last few weeks is that Beazley screwed up. Labor didn’t want just a salesman, they wanted a salesman with policies to sell. I wonder how this will affect the public’s view of Labor. In any event, I’d wager that Howard will get re-elected by landslide next year, ceteris paribus (I know, that’s a futile assumption in politics).

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1.  Pete

So where to for the ALP?

It’s sort of like that scene in the Simpsons where Skinner announces :

“The well-behaved children will be rewarded with a trip to an Archaelogical dig” *YAY*

“Conversely, the mis-behaving students will be punished, with a trip to an Archaelogical dig” *AWW*

They just can’t win. The Crean faction can celebrate now because, *YAY* they have Simon Crean as their Leader. And all they are is back to where they started. And that was never an enviable position.

Bring on Mark Latham Stu! He’ll offer a bit of spine to stand up to Howard.

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