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Jun 03

Alumni of Bourgeois Schools

Very, very interesting. You all know what school I went to, I’d rather not repeat its name again, because they have famous alumni too – but famous for all the wrong reasons. (Thanks Denise for the link.)

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1.  Rodent

The name “Anaconda” comes from the Indian language, Sinhalese, which originally probably referred to the Reticulated python.

The Anaconda is considered the biggest snake in the world. These snakes may reach lengths of over 29 feet. There are many exaggerated stories about anacondas being much longer, but they cannot be confirmed.

2.  Little D

yw. y didn’t my school make it up there. who knows. i guess i should be thankful its not up there for dubious reasons like my brother school and urs :)

3.  Little D

i dunno if u could say they are all burgeouis schools.

4.  Bonhomme de Neige

Well it’s good to know a former Dux of my school was convicted of murder. =P For some reason, I’m not surprised.

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