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Jun 03

2 Fast 2 Furious

What can I say? Mindless, but entertaining, entertainment. If you like cars, I suppose it’s worth it. As expected, the carpark at Fox was filled with the sound of tyres screeching after that movie.

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1.  teldak

I’ll probably get in free to see it at some point (my little brother and his friend like those movies and I usually get my ticket paid to take them). If you have a chance to pick up the American magazine Sport Compact Car ( http://www.sportcompactcarweb.com/ ), at least check out the article on the cars from that movie. Really interesting and at the same time frustrating, because they got the only street-legal EVO VIIs in the US (Mitsubishi decided to release the EVO VII, but the pushbacks made them wait till the EVO VIII, but they shipped 2F2F directors a truck of VIIs anyways).

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