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Apr 02

The Royal Tenenbaums

So we’re standing at Hoyts City looking up at the session time board. “Uh, I’ve seen most of everything here. And I’m not seeing that one. And I refuse to see that movie. Which leaves… um, I haven’t heard of any of what’s left.” Which basically left us with The Royal Tenenbaums. My friend was like, “What’s a Tenenbaum?” “I think it’s a surname…” “This better not be crap.”

The movie has a fairly big name cast, but it’s not exactly mainstream. It’s a quirky movie, a refreshing change from the stuff I’ve been watching lately. Probably only funny to those with a certain sense of humour. In a nutshell, it’s about a separated grandfather with the unlikely name of Royal (Gene Hackman), who fakes stomach cancer in order to win back his family. Heheh, I liked it.

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