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Aug 00


• “Don’t these SMSes ever get annoying? And why isn’t the window for this SMS form wider? At least let me resize it….” –Adam
• “if the pillsbury doughboy had a yeast infection, how would you know? http://cyclo.uptohere.net” –kalebsan
• “Heh, they moved back too, stupid people.” –Alex (need I say? He’s talking about the IRC channel)
• “gonaherpasyphilaids? huh? desensitized.com” –mors
• “Frolicking Ferrets, Batman! It’s raining hard and lightning just struck my rod!” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “my cat’s breath smells like cat food….also….I think I broke my wookie….” –killers_r_quiet
• “i so bored, are you?  waiting for solo to get the pages up agained…thought of my moment “radio active monkee suits”, bye cutie” -nettie

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