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Apr 00


You’ve probably been getting messages that I’m out of credit. That’s what happens when I get too many SMSes. However, I still do eventually receive them, so just ignore that message.

• “Irish: Phew! For a moment I though you were going to threaten to kick my CAT!  Thank God your gonna kick the dog I don’t have.” –Penii
• “Where the hell are all these phils coming from!?!?!” –the real Phil (unpc)
• “SMS = Sega master system?” –Shakespear
• “Got Rice?” –sung
• “WTF?  You watched star trek?” –sung (every week there’s a review and you’ve only just noticed??)
• “Attn: Inferno. I will stand for this pink dot no longer, I challenge you to a battle of wits.” –Theseus
• “If I win, you’ll make my dot red. If I lose, you make my dot red. The game? Professional tiddlywinks. May the best man win.” –Theseus (how about seeing who can design a web page faster, you with notepad and me with FrontPage? :)
• “yes, ganymede is a guy’s name, I’m quite ashamed…actually, I think it’s a pretty name” –GStarr
• “I’m surrounded by preps. they’re everywhere. They’re wondering how much someone paid me to put a fish on my shirt.” –GStarr
• “also a mailbox just ran into my best friend’s car. he’s okay, though. I just don’t have a ride home right now.” –GStarr
• “Looking kinda lonely, put the dick in the middle like money. She beats on the dick like a mother fucking drummer chick.” –Irish
• “if u still need to open word doc… install star office… uninstall when done.” –Kaber
• “27 new messages no thannks to yours truly.  Got Rice?” –sung
• “Last time I tried this, it said you had no credit left…” –da5id
• “i will kill you until you die UNLESS you fix the fuckin “building menu” bull shit that makes hearye take like 20 secs to load.” –tba (you must have a shit computer cos the 486 at handles the menus in under 5!)
• “and im not kidding around with you. just because im 6500 KMS away doesnt mean i cant wreck you up BAD. heh.” –tba
• “It’s bad for women to get involved in karate and other activities, because it gives them ideas of being out of the kitchem. Bad.” –Justin
• “CHEEEEEESEEEE!” –Outsider
• “Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup!? Aussie Pride ‘yo! You know space might be the final frontier, but its made in a hollywood basement:\” –Irish (under the guise of “Smelly Aussie”)

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