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Apr 00

Riddle Ye! III – Solution

Ok I’m embarrassed. I screwed up yesterday. Sorry to billyjoebob and Atroxi – they weren’t 100% right but that’s being picky. All that needs to be changed with their answers is (pointed out by Bruiser): “Can’t you just ask that guy which way someone from the other tribe would tell you was safe?”

An alternate correct answer was given by F00bar and David:

If I were to ask you if that is the road to take to safety, would you say yes?”. Whichever the direction the tribesman points to, the man can be sure it’s the safe way. If the tribesman responds “yes”, he should go in the direction he is pointing. If the answer is “no”, he should take the other fork in the road.

Amongst the incorrect answers today, many people were trying to be tricky and said they’d ask the tribesman two questions – one to determine whether he told lies or the truth, and the other to determine which path to walk. The problem should’ve been qualified with “you can only ask the tribesman one question.” Still, it made for an amusing response from not the UNPC Phil: “An NBC-Made-For-TV-Movie-inspired solution: Grab each bastard and throw them down each road. See which one dies.”

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