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Feb 00

ICQ Stats Reponses

Chars without spaces: 8882614
Chars with spaces:   15897833
Seems odd unless your messages are one character one space ;-) thats around 70 thousand spaces.

Well, when ICQ exports to a plain text file, it indents lines in messages for alignment purposes – with spaces. Hence, the tonne of spaces. Try saving your message history and you’ll see what I mean. I word counted the dump as ICQ dumped it.

my icq history is *NINETY* mbs. put that in your aussie pipe an’ smoke it BOY!


haha. *sigh* im a living joke. =/

TeeBs [TBA]

I guess that’s what flat rate cable does to you. I know if I had access to Optus’ cable service (which still hasn’t been released?) no one would see me for a whole week :).

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