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Aug 99

Star Trek DS9: Looking for Par’mach in All the Wrong Places (Ep 5.3)

Suddenly, Trek got a lot more daring. Sometimes DS9 is called a “soapie in space” and this episode is about the closest Trek will get to resembling soapies. The whole episode revolved around Quark trying to get some randy Klingon sex (yes, we’re all repulsed by the thought) and the aging O’Brien getting a little too attached to Kira. Throw on top of this the sudden emergence of an explicit, intimate relationship (well, in Klingon terms, anyway) between Dax (“You’re in it for the sex, aren’t you Quark?”) and Worf, and it doesn’t sound like sci-fi anymore. This was a well written, enjoyable episode. The writers are noticeably more seasoned, working with distinct, well developed characters. They are getting better at adding “natural” humour – humour that doesn’t seem just stuck in, or humour that comes from a couple cheap one-liners (the Odo and Kira scene, for instance, was quite amusing). A much better episode than last week’s. Just one final thought… did Dax and Worf have sex at the end or did I misinterpret that? I’m with Bashir… I’d probably be better off not asking these questions.

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