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Apr 98

Star Trek DSN

Deep Space Nine’s getting much better. There’s much more continuity between the plot, and you can see the development in characters (the “useless” sub-plots) that didn’t occur in the earlier seasons. People say that DSN is a “soapie in space”, but it I think the difference is that it doesn’t get bogged down by mundane relationship and behaviour problems, which is all soapies such as Neighbours seem to run on. The setting in space, plus all the races mean that DSN can cover many many more themes and issues than a normal soapie can (I don’t think a soapie does aim to cover themes, and issues – more like to give people something to look at while they eat dinner :), and it DSN is aimed at covering issues and current topics… with the occassional firefight! DSN has come a long way. Of course, #@!#$% Channel 9’s not showing Voyager, and we’re about two-three (even four?) seasons behind the US.

The episode tonight, “Bar Association”, was up there with the best episodes I’ve seen. It involved Rom and his co-workers at the bar striking against his employer-brother Quark (and anything with Ferengi in it is bound to be humourous). How appropriate, I was thinking, especially with the Waterfront Dispute going on. There was the main plot of Rom and the … the … u … uh … union :), then there’s that of Worf trying to adapt to DSN (and his crush on Dax :), and of course they manage to link the plots in a small way (the brawl between O’Brien and Worf over boycotting the bar). They develop O’Brien and Worf’s character, and Sisko gets a cameo role as Mr Grumpy for the second or third week in a row. This episode was really fun to watch, although the union “rally” scenes were a bit corny (especially the Bajoran Dabo girl (sidenote – if it was the Cleansing Festival, and she’s Bajoran, why was she still working??), but at least her presence meant we had something to look at =). If only we saw the wharfies parading around like that… hehe.

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