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Jan 98

New Domain Names

Forgot to mention this. New top-level domain names are opening up (right now there’s .com, .net, .org, .gov .edu, .mil). Domains are relatively expensive, but the new domain names (.firm,.info,.nom,.rec,.shop,.web,.arts), combined with more domain name “retailers”, means the price to register one will be around US $50 (about AU$75 right now with our shocking exchange rate) for two years, with response times (to get the domain registered) coming down to minutes, as opposed to weeks. That’s global microeconomic reform for ya :).

I’ve also seen the site “http://come.to“. The domain is Tongan, but Tonga has been selling off domain names to aid its domestic economy :). Profitable, because “to” has obvious domain name benefits, as can be seen by come.to. Also was travel.to and something else I can’t remember

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