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Apr 10

Survivor 20.11

Wow. What a tribal council. Spoilers after the jump.

What the fuck just happened?!

Never mind about the Heroes getting blindsided, I got blindsided. This is unprecedented. Not only a double-idol play, but the person with two idols gave them away to others. There are so many interesting dynamics going on in this episode, but it looks like the two tribes closed ranks this week. Next week, it gets blown wide open.

This week, Parvati was worth of her self-given “Queen” title, pulling off a unique, flawlessly executed play that appeared to solidify the Villains. While she was riding Russell’s coattails for a while, she has done something rare – stepped out from behind the coat and shown up the coat wearer. Unfortunately, as tactically brilliant as the play might have been, I think it was ultimately an ill-conceived strategic move, because the Villains aren’t actually all that solid: Sandra is the wildcard. Harbouring resentment against the others (and especially Big Russ), and with all idols out of play, Sandra is now a swinging vote and therefore has now moved from a position of weakness, to that of kingmaker. Parvati’s plan will be all for naught if the plan turns out to be a strategic mistake, as it seems to be now.

Russell got shown up by Parvati today, and he is going to be pissed. We’ve seen that he doesn’t handle betrayal well. But, can he do anything about it? He’s totally blown it with the Heroes, and if he blows up at Parvati and alienates her, he’s left in a very vulnerable position.

So, now it’s a 4-1-4 formation. If Sandra moves over, it’s all over red rover for the Villains. Parvati should have left the strategy to Russell… her actions have actually opened the door for Sandra. Parvati has alienated her could-have-sorta-been-ally Amanda, Jerri is clearly aligned with the Villains, but Sandra has already demonstrated her honesty to Rupert by accurately tipping him off to what was really going on.

The more I think about it, as cool as Parvati’s moves were today, I think she only succeeded in shooting her and Russell in the foot. Let’s see how my speculation turns out.

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